A Link To Your Past -
Genealogical research has been one of my passions in life since I can remember, and my family history was introduced to me by my great-great Aunt and my Father.  It has been our family past time for over 70 years.  It is the thrill of the chase and discovery for those complex genealogical problems that keep my passion burning.  Based on my extensive research background in the physical sciences and engineering, I am able to effectively plan, research, report on findings and provide vision for future research.  In order for us to understand where we are in life, we first must look to our past and understand the events that have brought us to this place.  Hence the name for my genealogical company, A Link To Your Past.  It is my desire to share and support others in their journey in discovering their family history.  
Mission Statement
Our mission is to support individuals and families researching their history; from the straightforward records search to the complex methodologies used for road blocks, while maintaining trustworthy research and well documented genealogical services.
Our website is currently under construction.
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